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Wuxi Hongyi International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a freight company specializing in international shipping, air transportation, domestic road transportation and warehousing management. By integrating all transportation services and logistics, we offer a wide range of professional logistics solutions to meet the logistics needs of different customers.
The company has a professional logistics operation team with an average working time of more than six years. The team uses the six operational principles of “standardization, rigor, safety, integrity, pragmatism and mutual benefit” to use advanced logistics operation software systems for domestic and foreign trade. The company offers tailor-made, individualized solutions that shorten the trader's lead time, effectively optimize inventory levels and control transportation costs. Simplify complex logistics processes through a series of efficient management to ensure the healthy operation of domestic and foreign trading companies' supply chains.

The company has strict discipline and standardized operation, and pays more attention to the cultivation and improvement of ...

What are the precautions for import goods agents?
Imported goods agents are generally operated by agents. In the process of importing, import agents act as intermediaries other than shippers and consignees, and receive commissions during the operation, but generally do not bear credit, exchange and market risks, Have ownership of imported goods.
What factors should be considered when selecting import customs agents?
Because the import customs declaration business is more professional and complex, it has become a difficult point for domestic import trading companies. Import customs declaration agents came into being, providing customers with meticulous and thoughtful services to achieve the purpose of customers.
How to choose a reliable import customs agent company?
At present, the way of importing goods approved by the State Customs is not only temporary entry, but also two types: one is general trade customs import, and the other is import goods by express mail.
How to choose maritime international freight forwarding company
Today's maritime international freight forwarding on the national trade market is row upon row, the number is vast, but the quality is uneven. Many maritime freight forwarding companies do not even have the basic qualifications.
What are the service targets of the international freight forwarding?
The maritime international freight forwarding company can undertake various business and procedures of the consignor in the transportation of goods, including the protection of goods by fast and provincial transportation routes
What are the operational procedures of shipping countries?
From the term of maritime international freight forwarding, everyone may be familiar with it, but if you ask: "What is the professional maritime international freight forwarding?"


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